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Welcome to the information portal of AIRDA – the All India Resort Development Association. AIRDA is an independent, non-profit advisory dedicated to the timeshare and vacation ownership industry.

The AIRDA working blueprint operates at three levels. At Level One, it offers resort developers a constructive platform to share ideas and strategies on the running and promotion of timeshare. It also works with developers to cut a clean image in the industry and offer fair value on holiday packages to customers.

Level Two is where AIRDA plays an advisory role with end-customers and users of vacation ownership and timeshare - offering guidelines and tips on choosing the right timeshare packages. A key objective here is to raise awareness levels of consumer rights and responsibilities - where AIRDA could also play the role of an ombudsman, on disputes between developers and customers.

At Level Three, AIRDA can act on behalf of members and represent its concerns to influencer circles and government departments that have timeshare and vacation ownership under their purview.


Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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Assessment of Economic Impact of the Vacation Ownership Industry

The studies, done over three rounds and a period of 24 months were aimed at assessing the economic value added by the industry in the states of Uttarakhand and Goa, and the district of Coorg in the state of Karnataka.

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AIRDA's newest study examines the nature of customer satisfaction across relevant parameters, to evaluate where we stand in a market, where customers have increasing levels of expectation. It’s a mirror on how we appear to the customer, or more importantly, how the customer sees us in the hospitality vertical, where customer satisfaction is a key concern and responsibility.

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