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Code of Ethics

The pointers here are a simplified version of AIRDA’s Code of Ethics to illustrate the concerns behind ensuring a fair and transparent consumer-marketer interface. We also underline the balanced approach that AIRDA adopts, right across the value chain. You can download the full version of the Code of Ethics here.

  1. General
    • AIRDA’s Code of Ethics (COE) underlines the need to outline limits and procedures for the marketing of timeshare and the methods employed to solicit business. The operating canvas for the COE covers those who are engaged in the promotion of vacation or holiday ownership in India.
    • With a clear commitment of compliance from members, the COE aims to protect the interests of the consumer on the one hand, and the developer on the other – the two sides of a coin that together drive the industry’s value proposition.
    • The reach and scope of the COE covers all methods of customer contact and the media options available to marketers – including press, print, direct mail, radio, digital media, TV and outdoor.
    • Members of AIRDA commit to abide by the stipulated guidelines in law and spirit and ensure an extended concurrence with subsidiaries, agents, employees, support staff, advertising and marketing agencies, sales and marketing personnel.
    • The onus of responsibility on the developer extends to the acts of employees / agents who represent the company and transact with customers. Developers are also held accountable on any breach of code that happens intentionally or unintentionally, and identified as a clear deviation from COE stipulations.
  2. Cooling off period
    • After a purchase has been made, AIRDA recommends a cooling-off period of 10 clear working days, during which customers have the option to revoke, rescind and make void ab initio, any sales agreement entered into.
    • If the agreement is revoked by the buyer, the seller is committed to refund all payments made and return share certificates, title deeds or other documents handed over during signing up of sales agreement.
  3. Cancellations
    • AIRDA has also outlined policy guidelines for cancellations after the cooling off period and will be the listening post on all communications between resort owners and customers.
    • COE policy guidelines cover cancellations processed and weeks retained due to non-payment - either of initial purchase price or maintenance fees.
  4. Sales & Marketing
    • The COE also insists that buyer information be complete and specify the offer / sale of vacation ownerships / timeshare, and that the signing up is dependent on attending a sales presentation.
    • There is a clear emphasis here on the offer being accurate, factual and complete, without hidden clauses or misrepresentation.
    • Guidelines on the agreement also specify the inclusion of information related to the cooling off period and the arrangements made to protect advance(s) paid.
  5. Exchange Programs
    • Total transparency is advised on exchange programs – covering information on methods, terms, conditions and fees applicable. AIRDA members / marketers are advised to explain all terms and conditions on exchange programs before the contract is signed, or the commencement of the cooling off period. (With applicable terms clearly disclosed in the prospectus.)
  6. Resale Weeks
    • Under COE guidelines, developers / marketers offering resale weeks must extend the benefits of a cooling off period to new purchasers.
    • Resellers are cautioned against soliciting registration or listing fees from a prospective seller, by falsely stating that they already have a ready buyer on hand.
  7. Rentals
    • The rental clause in the agreement will clearly explain modalities and payment structure to customers. Clearly highlighting developer charges, or rental payment, where the developer offers to rent out calendar weeks on behalf of members.
  8. Clubs & Points
    • Another stipulation in the COE is the accurate description of terms and conditions relating to the reservation / assignment / accommodation – helping retain clarity and avoiding ambiguity in the minds of purchasers.
    • As an added measure of fair practice, COE guidelines state that the number of points sold should not exceed inventory available.


Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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