"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
- St. Augustine

Value Statements

AIRDA's Mission

"AIRDA's mission is to build a value base around "timeshare" and elevate it to the level of a key business driver for the hospitality and travel industry. Behind this intent, is our commitment to increase awareness of opportunities and geographies - enabling new entrants to make viable project investments; helping existing players visualize platforms for growth and expansion; and providing end-consumers useful guidelines and information on making informed decisions."


  • To provide an interactive platform for members, enabling a sharing of individual experiences and importantly, the setting of standards based on the following
    concern areas.
  • Advertising and promotion - with a focus on being accurate and information based.
  • Management and operation - with an emphasis on ethical standards and transparency.
  • Safeguarding and protection of consumer interests – with the objective to ensure fair practices.
  • A mechanism for customer feedback and complaint redressal – with a commitment to deliver action and response.

Another key objective at this forum is a show of collective unity and strength to monitor the activities of unscrupulous developers and marketers. It is essential here to protect the image and credibility of an industry that is working hard to set high ethical standards.

Code of Ethics

With meaningful contributions from our members, AIRDA has formulated a Code of Ethics that will ensure fair business practices within the industry – to primarily protect the interests of consumers and members. The core philosophy of this code is to encourage active member participation in creating an image of trust and respectability.

The document also aims at ironing out the inconsistencies of business models adopted by various resort developers and arrive at one unified, working model - for members of AIRDA and new entrants to the industry.


Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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