"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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April 2016

This month, I want to talk about hiring for timeshare and the nature of jobs and careers in the industry.

The timeshare space is a great place to be in, with first-job and career building opportunities in all departments - right across marketing, sales, finance, F&B, administration and resort management, to facilities, housekeeping and other customer support areas.

My observations here are largely linked to resort chains within the AIRDA network in India, with a view on opportunities, responsibilities and challenges.

How is sales different in timeshare?

Timeshare gives a customer holidays without boundaries over many years – through an exchange partner, even a vacation abroad can be right on his annual calendar.

But the average customer is still new to timeshare in India. He has heard of popular resort chains, and may also know people who own timeshare plans. Some of them are unclear about the way timeshare works because you don’t have a product to demonstrate – there’s nothing the customer can touch, feel or experience before signing on the dotted line.

Low awareness of the product also extends to grey areas in annual payments that need to be made to your home resort. So while you need to highlight the many positive and attractive features that timeshare offers, customers need to understand what it means to keep a membership alive year after year.

How are F&B jobs different in timeshare?

It is useful to look at F&B from a customer’s point of view – what he expects and looks forward to, during his vacation week. Customers will always compare holidays now, with previous experiences – and almost always have something to say about prices, food quality or ambience. The extra focus on F&B is understandable because food is one of the most important components on a holiday. That’s why F&B staff need to understand the importance of clearing doubts and extending reassurance.

From an opportunities point of view, F&B careers in a timeshare company are almost the same as in regular hotel chains – in terms of job profiles, and working environments. The work briefings are the same and the opportunities for growth are on par with some of the best jobs in the hospitality industry.

How is customer experience different in timeshare?

On a timeshare holiday the resort becomes the focal point of activity – a hotel by and large is a transit point. That’s why activity management in timeshare has a wide focus and includes space, infrastructure, people and an activity calendar.

At some of the popular resorts it includes activities like trekking and wild-river rafting for the younger set, nature trails and plantation visits for older guests. Resorts these days also have a wide range of activities for children as well.

Timeshare is all about annual vacations with your family – sometimes your entire family – with grandparents joining in for good measure.

How is customer support different in timeshare?

Customer support, according to me is a pretty key responsibility at a timeshare resort. Helpdesk teams will need to help out with bookings, F&B queries, rooms, and other touch points of customer experience.

This is a great platform for learning and interacting with your customer, and relevant experience at a timeshare company is always considered a big advantage by prospective employers.

Jobs and careers in timeshare also help you grow and mature as professionals – arming you with the discipline required to plan ahead and meet your goals – both personally, and for your organization.

And that’s something reassuring to have under your belt.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee


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