"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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May 2016

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, India will be a tourism hotspot in the current decade, having the highest 10-year growth potential. India is ranked high in the Asia Pacific region and moving up each year in the list of the world’s most attractive destinations. Our country is a popular destination for its rich natural resources, as well as its cultural panorama, with many world heritage sites.

Timeshare is a growing contributor to the growth projected here, with several lead players in the industry charting new paths and engaging with the customer in some very exciting ways.

Timeshare made its first impressions in India’s vacation and tourism marketplace sometime in the eighties, bringing in a concept that was new, exciting and innovative. Vacation seekers in India had never heard of long-term holidays - one week at your home resort for 25 years, or more - depending upon the actual terms on the contract.

Over the years, resort owners and stake-holders in this segment have discovered the benefits of strengthening customer relationships with a future perspective in mind. Recent times have seen a commitment to the customer, backed by constructive governance and inspired business stewardship. We have also seen value additions in line with the needs and comfort levels of the new-age customer.

The first steps towards self-regulation in the industry

The primary momentum towards self-regulated timeshare came from The All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA), which helped evolve a unified approach to timeshare marketing and delivery of services. What initially started off as a small core group, steadily evolved into a growing body of participatory members - coming together with common goals and objectives.

AIRDA's mission is to build a value base around "timeshare" and elevate it to the level of a key business driver for the hospitality and travel industry. Behind this intent, is our commitment to increase awareness of opportunities and geographies - enabling new entrants to make viable project investments, helping existing players visualize platforms for growth and expansion, and meeting the information needs of consumers.

As part of its regulatory mechanism, AIRDA has formulated a Code of Ethics that aims to ensure fair business practices within the industry. The core philosophy here is to arrive at one unified working model that protects the interests of consumers, members and stakeholders.

An entire support system in place for members

A coming together of like-minded resort owners gives the organization the strength of one unified voice - on issues that need representation within government circles and industry departments.

At an operational level, entrepreneurs with a timeshare project in mind can seek entry level guidance from AIRDA and helpful navigation inputs during market entry and growth phases. They can gain fresh insights and perspectives on policies, processes, systems and work force planning - including access to best practices in the area of consumer engagement and protection. As an AIRDA member you also get access to market studies conducted by us, with information on emerging markets, new trends and changing customer profiles.

A strong focus on increasing customer awareness and education

One of our key concerns at AIRDA is the need to ensure that customers make informed decisions on timeshare. We also need to tell them the relative merits of talking to a resort within the AIRDA member network, where customers are assured of trust, reliability and transparency, along with highly evolved standards of service.

In today’s world, business practices that put the customer first are the ones that will go a long way and gain mileage. Simply because customers add to your user base and bring in revenue. And maybe, more revenue when they share a positive experience within peer groups.

No two ways about that.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee


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