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- Paul Theroux

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June 2018

Advice to young job seekers around timeshare resort locations

For most young job and career aspirants, leaving their hometown to seek greener pastures in large cities always seems to be the first step. To a large extent that is true – but for those looking for a stepping stone to a career in hospitality, starting at the lower rungs is also a very good opportunity. Especially if you don’t have the exposure or experience. .

At mid-to-senior levels most hospitality jobs call for relevant qualifications and experience. For early job seekers, a basic degree and a whole lot of promise are useful qualifiers. Young employees starting at the bottom can learn on the job and later choose to do a professional course in their area of interest.

This way you get your first job in your hometown, and also start earning a salary to support yourself. Your first job at a home-location is useful and convenient in more ways than one.

Opportunities to train under senior professionals

One of the big advantages here, is that you get an opportunity to work with seniors and supervisors who are both qualified and trained in their respective service areas at the resort. Working with them and meeting their expectations is a learning exercise in itself.

Opportunities to learn from evolving peer groups

There’s another aspect to learning. Within your network or department, you will see that your peers (at the same level) may have interestingly different ways of doing things. And they could be picking up specific skills that may not be in your basket of learning. So working with others teaches you what they have learnt, and gives you the opportunity to share your learnings as well.

Opportunities to learn about best practices

Working with seniors who have experience in the industry helps in another useful way. You learn about best practices within your department, or area of service. This aspect of learning is invaluable and can add a whole new dimension to your career path and experience.

Opportunities to work in fast track work environments

If you’re working for one of the better-known or larger resorts, you automatically absorb the work patterns and service delivery levels of fast track environments. Make the best use of this opportunity. This will look good on your resume and can add up in terms of experience and exposure.

Opportunities to go up the ladder in your area of interest, or department

When you work as a committed team member and individual, you will soon find growth opportunities coming your way – sometimes to take on a higher level of responsibility. The next level of responsibility always gives you newer opportunities to learn and grow.

Opportunities to work at another resort location within the group

As you grow and are seen to be among the brighter and smarter working employees, your seniors could consider pushing you up further, or maybe even transfer you to another resort location. This is possible if a suitable position opens up at other resorts in the network.

Opportunities to work on event-related projects handled by the resort

Another thing that happens in a resort is exposure to activities and work processes outside your scope of work, or activity. If a large business or social event is being held at the resort, you might get the opportunity to work within support teams to make the event a success. Look out for these opportunities and volunteer, if necessary.

Opportunities to learn from other customer interactions at the resort

In addition to the key learnings and opportunities I have described above, the biggest learning happens when you directly interact with customers at the resort – because each customer is different and comes with a different set of expectations. Some customers are visibly nice, and some can be hard to please – the way you handle them will determine how well you have learnt the role you need to play, every single day.

Many of these guests could be well travelled with vacation experience at some of the best resort locations in the world. Making these guests happy is a task on its own, giving you valuable lessons in meeting customer needs.

Opportunities to learn about smart dressing and grooming

Finally, another key learning that comes along is the way you need to be turned out at the job, and how you should conduct yourself in every little interaction – with colleagues, superiors, and yes the customer. That’s like a finishing-school input that happens on the job. And sometimes, the best way to learn or re-learn as you go along.

So if you’re interested in hospitality as a career, and you can see opportunities in your hometown or city, look no further. This is a great door-opener for you, with a promising future.

Welcome to the world of travel and hospitality.

B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

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