"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux

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November 2018

This month, our Q&A session features a very young couple - Hooma & Sudeep - founders of Travel Jaunts, a travel company based out of Bangalore. They are members of Club Mahindra and are very active users.

Hooma and Sudeep love to travel, family in tow, at the slightest opportunity life provides - they have been traveling for the last 14 years - extensively within India, and to over 25 countries across the globe.

According to me they are a very good example of today’s emerging young professionals who choose to follow their dreams while successfully managing individual career paths.  Today’s young professional has a very healthy approach to work and the need to balance that with travel and recreation.

So, what makes this emerging generation different?

Younger vacation seekers are more adventurous

Younger vacation seekers have a very healthy approach to handling work and the need to take time off for travel and recreation. Even on vacation, they will choose activities that defy gravity, over those that merely amuse the mind. Good examples here are steep-face climbing and wild-river rafting.

For a change of pace they will also relax by the poolside, or play a round of golf, or two – but the younger generation is more aggressive with their choices. The set a different pace and follow through with determination and vigor.

Younger vacation seekers are good at planning their calendars

In my younger days, we looked forward to vacations, but work came first. The urgent needs of a job to be completed got the nod over a vacation that was being planned. This did not mean that we were bad at planning our calendars, but maybe fell short of leveraging things to enable a vacation that was long overdue.

With the younger generation, work is not sacrificed to benefit something else, but done with an amazing degree of agility and skill. What has helped them, I guess is the recent wave of IT platforms and the use of their laptops and computers – which we did not have. (Everything was done manually those days.)

Younger vacation seekers are willing to experiment with vacation formats

The young couple we interacted with for our Q&A session talk about experimenting with new ways to go on vacation. Where the mother might go early with the children, while the husband joins them later.  They talk about young women who choose to travel alone in what is interestingly called “travelling solo”.

They also talk about “all girls” options in travel formats, where women (friends, colleagues, batch mates) choose to vacation together. The “all boys” format has been probably around for a longer time.

Younger vacation seekers are willing to travel the big wide world

Back in our time, going beyond our shores was not very popular. You probably travelled out of the country on work, but frequent or regular vacations out of the country was not very common. But these days, exchange companies are widening the horizon for people in vacation ownership formats.

These days, you also have interesting package offers and deals linked to foreign travel, from airline companies and resorts across the globe - which eventually means that the climate is supportive to travelling outside the country. Add to that the international perspective and profile of many of our younger professionals who mix work and leisure during international travel. They might just go on a small vacation towards the end of a work visit abroad, with the wife catching up with them at any port of call.

At the end of the day, changing scenarios are positive signs - where travel boundaries are extended, travel formats get more dynamic, and travelers themselves are not limited in any way to go the distance.

Makes it one small world. And I like the way that sounds.


B. S. Rathor
Advisor & Member - Executive Committee

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