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RCI, the global provider of leisure travel services and the world leader in vacation ownership exchange, controlling over 85% of the market, was incorporated in Indianapolis, USA, in 1974. A subsidiary of Cendant Corporation NYSE (CD), a provider of travel and real estate services, RCI’s core business is providing vacation exchange services to Timeshare property owners. This exchange service has proved to be the catalyst for the meteoric growth of the vacation ownership industry.

Vacation Ownership essentially means owning a week annually at a resort. RCI has affiliations with a number of such resorts, thus forming an exchange network. Owners at these resorts become RCI members and RCI facilitates the exchange of the week they own with any other resort within the network, to enjoy vacations across the globe. With over 3,700 resorts in 101 countries and over 3 million member families living across 200 countries, RCI is the undisputed world leader in the vacation ownership industry.

The Vacation Ownership business is today the fastest growing segment of the travel and tourism industry with a growth rate that is twice the industry growth.

Worldwide, this industry is growing at an average of 14% as against the 6% growth of the tourism industry. According to research by Ragatz Associates, the leading market research company in the Vacation Ownership industry, there are approximately 6.7 million Timeshare owners and 5400 timeshare resorts worldwide today. It has attracted some of the leading global brands in the hospitality industry such as Hilton, Disney, Marriott, Hyatt and Sol Melia, which are some of the names that are a part of this business today.

Research has shown that investment by developers in vacation ownership resorts contributes to significant return on investment and at the same time, generates local employment, contributes to the local exchequer through tourist spending and enhances the overall hospitality infrastructure of that particular area.

Working closely with their developers, RCI follows stringent quality benchmarks and enforcement processes to ensure memorable holiday experiences for its members. Going further from merely providing holiday exchanges, RCI aims towards making every holiday experience a rich and fulfilling one for its members. The changing trends in members’ holidaying habits have shown that they are now looking for something beyond just a “brick and mortar” resort and in keeping with this, RCI has introduced in its fold a varied mix of resorts - heritage properties, wellness getaways, wildlife resorts, resorts offering sporting activities etc, - which provide vacationers a plethora of unique experiences across various regions.

Apart from the regular exchanges to affiliated resorts, RCI also offers its members great value-for-money rental deals in sought-after urban destinations such as Paris, Sydney, Rome, Singapore, Berlin etc where the member pays a special rate that is much lower than the rack rate listed by the hotel.

Management Guru’s believe that the Resilience Gap determines the success or failure of any industry. It has been amply proved time and again that the Vacation Ownership industry, despite 9/11, SARS, Outbreak of the Gulf War or the Bird flu has continued to show remarkable growth. This is the hallmark of an industry that will sustain and support the burgeoning tourism industry in India. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Hospitality giants such as Marriott, Disney, Hyatt, Hilton. Four Seasons, all have an element of Timeshare in their product mix.

About RCI:
RCI is a global provider of leisure travel services to businesses and consumers, with market leadership positions in vacation property exchange, rental and resort management. As a growth partner to its business clients, RCI leverages core competencies in networks, technology, brand and product development and world-class customer service to deliver superior vacation experiences for travelers anywhere in the world.

RCI's core business is the RCI Community, an exchange network of 3.2 million timeshare owners around the world who enjoy dream vacation experiences through RCI's traditional week-for-week and points-based exchange networks. RCI provides consumers the world's largest and most diverse selection of holiday rental properties and operates rental programs on behalf of resorts, property management companies and vacation property owners around the world.

RCI is a subsidiary of Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD), a global provider of services primarily in travel and real estate.

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T: +9180 41849100/66915555
W: www.rci.com


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