“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
- Mark Twain

Selecting the right Timeshare

How pick a timeshare option that’s just right for you.

While a timeshare holiday is the way to go, it is useful to make the right choice. (Don’t make the mistake of being locked in with a dead end package or a holiday resort with limited facilities.)

Here’s a handy checklist that will point you in the right direction.

Does the timeshare under review, offer you holiday locations / plans that match what you visualize in terms of dream holiday? (Look at locations, features, facilities, activities.)

Is the package you’re looking at, flexible enough to accommodate the whole family? (Check facilities, comfort levels, activities for the whole family.)

Have you reviewed at least three resorts in your “meet-my-needs” category, to ensure that you don’t settle for the first acceptable resort that comes your way? (Compare locations, prices, packages and a feel-good factor.)

If you have arrived at a final list; have you negotiated the best deal you can get on the package you’ve chosen? (Sometimes timeshare providers can be coaxed to give you a better deal than “MRP”.)

Does the package you’re looking at, give you exchange points or credits that can be redeemed at other network resorts/ destinations. (Don’t forget to check this out.)

Is the timeshare resort a member of AIRDA? The feel-good factor we mentioned in point 3 is a membership with the All India Resort Developers Association. AIRDA memberships automatically guarantee industry acceptable standards in terms of features, facilities, package formats and compliance to our code of ethics. (A very important plus point.)

Some more tips to help you along the way…

If your timeshare gives you an open calendar on holiday slots, choose the prime season for that year. This way you won’t be stuck with the same week / month, year after year.

An important factor to keep in mind is the maintenance fee charged by your resort developer; in comparison with other resorts, maintenance fee should be reasonable.

Useful to cross check and verify if the timeshare package you choose fits in comfortably with your budgets and holiday options. Just add up all the charges applicable and see if you’re okay with the “grand total.”

Check the fineprint in application form or brochure to ensure that the resort DOES NOT charge utility fees on exchange options, within the AIRDA member network.

It is useful to interact only with authorized sales representatives from the resort you have in mind. Make an observation of the way the sales person deals with you. Is he helpful, or pushy about the plan he wants to market.

It is essential, absolutely essential to ensure that the entire package you choose in terms of pricing, payouts and features, is recorded on paper as an agreement. This can be binding. We must add here, that contracts on paper happen automatically with member resorts of AIRDA.

Avoid - in fact, don’t even consider resorts that are “under construction” or have incomplete leisure facilities. In this business, what you see is what you get – as simple as that.

If you have already bought a package from a project that is under construction or is incomplete, you must ensure that you get a fair refund. Especially if you cannot use the facility within the calendar specified in the agreement.

This last tip underscores the need to take your time to make a timeshare decision.

Many of the complaints we have come across are from people who invariably make up their minds soon after a sales presentation.

Please do take a print out of these tips and use our guidelines as a checklist. And even after you’re satisfied with the considered choice you have made, ask for customer references and phone numbers. Nothing like actually speaking to existing customers to get a first-hand picture.


Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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