“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”
- Mark Twain

Timeshare Benefits

Timeshare allows you a great deal of flexibility with long term benefits. You can pick your promoter’s locations, or go through an exchange portal to swap holiday plans with other timeshare owners.

  • The one-time payout you make saves you money year after year on annual vacations at the holiday locations of your choice. Timeshare gives you easy checkouts without paying any bills on room-stay.  And that’s a real big saving.
  • Our member resorts offer you a choice of facility formats based on “family  configurations” – right from studio apartments for couples, to two-bedroom units that can comfortably house six.
  • The timeshare blueprint typically gives you a resort unit with end-to-end facilities. Depending on the plan you’ve chosen, you could have multiple bedrooms, kitchens or kitchenettes; Indian or Western bathrooms and convenient laundry facilities. You also have entertainment – cable TV, DVD players, music systems … the works.
  • As a timeshare owner, you can also play “holiday chef” at the kitchen attached to your resort unit. The kitchens are fully equipped with pots, pans, ladles, flippers, food processors, gas hobs, microwave ovens, coolers and a refrigerator as well. All you do is shop at the resort store, or a shopping location nearby. Another way to make big savings.
  • In addition to feature-loaded interiors, a timeshare resort will also give you other pluses - swimming pool, indoor and outdoor game courts.  If you want to take a total break from the kitchen, you can always explore the resort’s food courts and theme restaurants.
  • Sooner or later, you could get tired of holidaying at the same home resort; what you then do is check out the exchange facilities that AIRDA can arrange for you. Translated, that means you can swap annual holidays at your riverside resort to explore the dizzy heights of a ski holiday. The swap list is long and you really have plenty of exciting options.
  • There’s another way of looking at timeshare - a gift that gives people many happy returns for years. You can either gift a complete timeshare membership, or gift maybe one holiday segment in your plan to family or friends.
  • And just in case you can’t for some reason, go on that annual holiday, you can always rent out your plan to someone else at tariffs that could be extremely rewarding. So, you don’t really lose out in any way.
  • You could also pick up a bonus week from your home resort, or from an exchange company, at knocked down prices. This usually happens on promotions schemes planned by resort owners, to sustain occupancy levels. In effect, you could pay for a week and stay maybe, for 10 days.

That’s timeshare for you, with returns that stretch out over many years and protecting you from inflationary upswings on holidays at an exotic location.

Interested? Makes sense? Want to cash-in on the many benefits of timeshare? Get in touch with one of our member resorts and find out how you can sign up for vacation ownership – right away!


Benefits for Resort Owners

What does an AIRDA membership mean to resort owners and developers? AIRDA comes in as your industry partner, conscience keeper and business catalyst - with a wide portfolio of support services.

Benefits for Consumers

What does AIRDA mean to holiday seekers and prospective customers? AIRDA comes in to provide information and offer guidelines on making the right timeshare decisions.

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