"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
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April 2024

Web Content Update

What we feature in our Q&A stories

In-depth conversations and insights: Welcome to the AIRDA Q&A section, a sharing platform where we engage in interviews with a diverse range of professionals associated with the ever-evolving timeshare industry. And we reach out to a wide cross-section from different backgrounds – right from fun-loving vacationers and travel writers to seasoned photographers and industry insiders. These are people who could take time out to share their unique experiences and perspectives for the benefit of timeshare customers and vacation seekers.

A spectrum of generations: Looking back, we have featured timeshare enthusiasts across different age groups and backgrounds. Our oldest interviewee, a spirited 75-year-old, eagerly anticipates his next vacation. Meanwhile, our youngest participant, who was just 16 during our last interaction, is now thrilled about the prospect of rapid-river rafting for his upcoming adventure.

Your experiences matter: As we plan future interviews, we invite you to share your vacation stories from the world of timeshare. We’re keen to hear about your getaway moments, unexpected discoveries, and transformative experiences.

Post the pandemic, the world of travel has seen a visible revival – influencing the frequency of travel and the need to get back to the normal that we were used to. Your observations, experiences, and constructive feedback are invaluable as we navigate this evolving scenario.

Let’s explore a wide range of topics:

1. Timeshare Industry Professionals:

  • You could share snapshots of your career journey within the industry, and how timeshare gave you unique experiences in the hospitality industry.
  • You could share feedback on your own learnings that might help other industry professionals managing timeshare businesses. Especially in terms of customer trends and best practices you have been exposed to.
  • You could share information about job opportunities, hiring and recruitment. This could be useful for younger and mid-level career aspirants.
  • You could share interesting people interaction stories that provide newer insights to delivering customer satisfaction.

2. Vacations Beyond Timeshare:

  • Sometimes it is useful to look beyond the pure timeshare model, and consider the merits and benefits of “mixed use” for example. Does it make sense in terms of viability of business?
  • We are also interested in hearing from professionals from traditional hotels on their views on timeshare. Do they view timeshare as a friendly competitor or a serious threat?
  • Can timeshare professionals find suitable openings in traditional hotels? Can hotel professionals seamlessly transition into the timeshare sector?

3. Independent Contributors Linked to Timeshare:

  • What services do you offer within this fast-growing ecosystem?
  • You could reflect on the time spent in the industry – and how you went up the ladder in your area of specialization.
  • You could provide valuable insights to resort owners, and outline growth areas and trends.
  • You could share updates on best practices, code of business conduct and customer transparency.

4. End Customers (India) and International Travelers:

  • Share your personal experiences with timeshare properties – talking about concept, appeal, and memorable moments.
  • It will be useful to discuss any concerns that you may have on the billing process, maintenance fees and service quality.
  • International visitors could share experiences in India—the sights, flavors, and delightful surprises.

Behind the Scenes /Our Interview Process Our interviews take place via email. We will mail vacation and industry-related questions, and your responses will be carefully edited and featured in our Q&A stories. The final version will be shared with you before publication.

Join us as we unravel stories, exchange insights, and celebrate the vibrant world of timeshare—a tapestry woven with passion, curiosity, and exciting possibilities.

AIRDA is an independent industry-focused body dedicated to timeshare and vacation ownership in India. Our primary members are resort owners who benefit from AIRDA’s constructive sharing of ideas and strategies on the running and promotion of vacation ownership and mixed-use platforms. What underlines AIRDA’s role in the industry is our guideline on fair practices and a common Code of Conduct applicable to all members. With a balanced end-customer focus we also provide news, information, and industry updates through our website, blog, and social media feeds. AIRDA also represents the industry within government circles - on policy issues that could benefit resort owners, nearby communities, and end-customers. Essentially, we hold a mirror at decision-making levels to help visualize an organized sector in India’s timeshare and vacation ownership space.

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Content Disclaimer: The views expressed in our interviews and stories do not necessarily reflect the official policies, practices and guidelines of the All India Resort Development Association, or its members. These views are based on personal experiences, private opinion, or open source information. Images used here are either paid-for stock photos, images shared by the people we interview, or images under one of the open source licenses such as Creative Commons and others. For some of our features we acknowledge the use of AI referencing and writing inputs from Bard (Google) and Bing/Edge (Microsoft). We also acknowledge the use of publicly available AI assistants to generate relevant images for our feature stories.

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