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January 2024

Consumer Advisory Feature

FAQs on Exchange from RCI India

A timeshare exchange company facilitates the exchange of timeshare ownerships between members. In the world of vacation ownership, where individuals own a specific time period at a resort, exchange companies allow members to trade their allotted vacation days at their home resort for something comparable at another resort within the exchange network.

RCI is a leading timeshare exchange company that operates in the vacation ownership industry. It provides a platform for timeshare owners to exchange their owned weeks with other resorts within the RCI-affiliated network.

One interesting way to think of an exchange company is to visualize it as an online library – you log in and find an extensive listing of exciting vacation destinations. And your vacation week is the currency you use to make a trade. So, if you own a slice of paradise in Goa, you can swap it for a ski chalet in Aspen! Exchange companies like RCI connect owners like you with a vast network of resorts, so you can trade your fixed week for endless possibilities.

How does a timeshare exchange company help you with this process?

Timeshare exchange companies act as intermediaries, matching resort owners looking to vacation elsewhere with suitable exchange options. RCI works by allowing its members to deposit their owned timeshare weeks into the exchange pool, and based on availability and a trading system, they can then choose a week at another affiliated resort. Members can then choose from available options within the RCI network for their vacation, providing flexibility and variety in destinations.

Deposit your week into the "vacation pool," then browse through a large listing of available resorts. Think of it as a search index of beachy getaways, mountain retreats, and everything in between. Once you find your dream destination, book it, pack your bags, and say goodbye to vacation déjà vu!

What are the benefits of using a timeshare exchange company?

The primary benefits are flexibility, variety, and endless options. Members gain access to a variety of vacation destinations beyond their home resort. The exchange platform adds diversity to their vacation experiences without the commitment of owning multiple properties. RCI offers members access to a vast network of affiliated resorts and hotels globally. About 4,200+ resorts in 110 countries and 6,00,000+ hotels worldwide. This means members can explore different destinations each year, enhancing their vacation experiences.

Spice up your vacation life with endless options beyond your home resort. Explore bustling cities, serene beaches, or even exotic locales you never considered. It's like having a vacation passport to the world, all thanks to your trusty timeshare exchange.

Do timeshare companies offer both local and global exchange options?

RCI offers both domestic and international exchange options. Members can exchange their timeshare weeks domestically or internationally, broadening their vacation choices. And there’s so much to choose from, you can create that one big highlight in your annual vacation plans.

Whether you crave a quick domestic escape or have an international holiday in mind, exchange companies can help you with just that. Swap your Florida condo for a California vineyard or trade your Hawaiian villa for a Parisian apartment.

What questions should I ask an exchange company before I subscribe to a plan?

At RCI we have answers to questions you may have in mind:

  • What is the annual membership fee?
  • What is the Exchange fee for Domestic / International vacations?
  • What is the process for depositing and exchanging weeks?

At RCI fees may include membership fees and exchange fees - based on your booking and the resort location you have in mind - domestic or international.

While membership and exchange fees are standard, be sure to ask about any potential hidden costs. Some companies might charge booking fees, taxes, or even "resort fees" at your chosen destination. Transparency is key, so make sure you understand all the charges before signing on the dotted line.

What are the different types of membership plans available?

RCI India offers Standard membership plans and RCI Plus membership options. RCI Plus comes with different levels and additional benefits.

Think of them as a menu card with various levels of exchange privileges and additional benefits. Consider your travel frequency and desired flexibility when choosing a plan that comes closest to what you have in mind.

What are the popular exchange destinations in the exchange company’s network?

RCI's network includes popular destinations worldwide such as Mexico, Orlando, Vietnam, Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, Spain, and the Caribbean - offering a diverse range of vacation options for its members.

The world is your oyster with RCI's expansive network! From sun-kissed beaches in Bali to snowy slopes in Colorado, and buzzing cities like Barcelona, the possibilities are endless. Research trending destinations based on your interests and start planning your next adventure.

How can an exchange customer check the availability of exchange properties?

RCI provides online platforms www.rci.com and customer service support through a contact centre for members to check the availability of exchange properties and secure their desired vacation plans.

It is easy to find your dream vacation with user-friendly online platforms and helpful customer service. Browse available properties, filter by dates and preferences, and secure your perfect getaway with just a few clicks.

What kind of customer service does the exchange company offer? How can I contact customer service if I have a problem?

RCI offers accessible customer service through various channels, including phone, email, and online chat, to assist members with any concerns or issues. Members can contact RCI through our toll-free number 1800 419 2131, email us at indiarci@rci.com, or use our live chat option for information.

No matter what questions or concerns arise, you can always reach out to an exchange company’s customer support people. You will almost always find a team that’s happy to guide you through the exchange process and smooth out any bumps along the way.

Our final word of advice for new members:

  • Understand the product and take advantage of the membership.
  • Maximize your membership. Don't let your vacation weeks go to waste.
  • Explore the diverse exchange network on the RCI platform and create unforgettable memories!

Remember, timeshare exchanges offer a dynamic way to break free from vacation monotony. And get ready to explore the world, one swapped week at a time!

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