"Tourists don’t know where they’ve been, travelers don’t know where they’re going."
- Paul Theroux


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December 2022

Young professionals visualize
the year ahead for vacations and travel.

The last twelve months saw us moving into a space of relief and recovery, with plenty to look forward to. But it looks like there is a fresh update on the virus front. And if we go by media reports, things don’t look too good in the New Year.

Our comfort factor these days draws from past experience and our response to the situation. We are better informed and have learnt to work around constraints and roadblocks - making sure that work doesn’t come to a standstill. The wheels of business and enterprise must keep turning, and the wings of travel must help us find new horizons.

So we reached out to some young vacation seekers to check on their vacation plans. These are people who have played safe during the pandemic and have been waiting for the right time to pack their bags.

This young demographic is useful to us – and extremely relevant, in terms of readiness to travel. This is the segment that is wired to take breaks - over long weekends, and sometimes on a longer annual vacation.

Here’s what some of them had to say.

Mallika Kumar – IT consultant

This year we wanted to break the monotony of 2020 and 2021 and did manage to go on short breaks and long breaks, with planning and purpose. We have now become hardened survivors and know what to do to play safe. The virus will always be part of our calendars – today, tomorrow, and for a long time to come.

I could be wrong on this, but I don’t think we will see extreme lockdown situations. There will be periods when we need to be vigilant followed by periods that could bring back some normalcy. That is how things will be in the days to come.

Veena Bhaskaran – interior designer

I must take this opportunity to mention a sharing group at the office where colleagues have a wonderful support system. This kicked in during the early strains of Covid. In those early days, the sharing group shared alerts, and information about restrictions and safety measures – though largely alarmist in content.

But now we seem to have a mature response – information that is shared does not create a panic situation. Let me give you an example. If things go bad we already know what to do on the work front and how we can balance work and recreation with help from volunteers in the group.

We even have people who will help out with assignments, if you need to take a quick weekend break at a location that is safe. This time, the virus will not take us by surprise – we’re waiting to wade in and get through the hard times.

Gauri Srinivasan – investment advisor

As I have said in earlier interviews, I am a forward planner. I look far into the distance, recognize impending situations and work on a preparedness strategy before it can become a panic situation.

Being an investment advisor helps you think with a structured future perspective. If the virus is making a comeback I realize it could be cyclical – bad times don’t last forever.

And as Mallika and Veena have said, we are better prepared this time – we know how we can survive this.

Vinod Prabhu – banking professional

During virus outbreaks in previous years, if people could not come to the bank, they could use the emerging mobile payment platforms to make purchases and pay their bills. In other words, the problem created the need for an alternative solution. And mobile payment platforms came into play in a useful way.

Similarly, when we think about not being able to go on a vacation or take a break, newer solutions and alternatives will come into play. We definitely won’t go into hibernation mode – not this time.

The precautions we take and the safety measures we bring back will have a lot to do with us going forward with knowledge and awareness.

I also think happy days will be here again.


At the time of publishing this article, we are in December with breaking news of the virus (possibly) making a comeback. We’re still not sure of the severity of spread and the extent of impact this may have on us.

But we do know now how to keep the wheels turning in the world of tourism and travel. The next steps we take will be in the right direction, and keep us moving forward.

There’s no turning back this time.

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