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November 2023

Consumer Advisory Feature

Worry-free vacations with travel insurance

Picture this: You've eagerly planned your dream vacation. Your itinerary is set, your bags are packed, and you’re looking forward to getting away for a few days. And then the unexpected happens – an accident, illness, a lost passport, or a flight cancellation - leaving you stranded, helpless and looking for assistance.

This is where travel insurance comes into play, to offer protection and cover for travel-related contingencies - enabling timely assistance and financial reimbursements in times of need. Travel insurance helps you cover various elements of risk and acts as a safety net for unforeseen events.

Here are some comments from our regular panel of vacation seekers - about the need for travel insurance, and the peace of mind linked to “risk cover” based on the plan you have chosen.

Mallika Kumar – IT consultant

Unfortunately, accidents or illnesses can happen any time, and the last thing you want to worry about is a medical emergency far away from home. Hospital charges and medical bills overseas can end up being even more exorbitant because of currency conversion and the rate of exchange. (Your medical bill could be in US$ and you could end up paying from your INR bank account – which can be a huge drain on your resources.)

Travel insurance is not an unnecessary expense - it is about future-proofing your vacation – especially if you are travelling as a family with little children. Think of travel insurance as your silent travel companion - ready to provide support and be there in the background to ensure peace of mind.

Veena Bhaskaran – Interior Designer

Travel insurance (often overlooked) is a crucial aspect of vacation planning, and is designed to provide support when you need it the most. Whether it's a medical emergency, lost luggage, or a canceled flight, travel insurance can come into the picture, to cover the risk. There will always be a number you can call, and people you can reach out to.

Travel insurance is a good way to ensure peace of mind, knowing you have a safety-net in place. A safety-net that means worry-free vacations. Especially if you are travelling as a family with elderly parents.

Kiran Srikumar – Insurance Advisor

Falling ill or meeting with an accident can be difficult to manage if you are travelling overseas. Medical expenses abroad can quickly escalate, putting a strain on your finances and disrupting your vacation plans. That is why you need comprehensive medical coverage, ensuring you receive quality care without incurring the cost of medical support.

Depending on the specifics of your plan travel insurance can cover the cost of doctor visits, hospitalization, emergency medical treatment, and other related costs. Don’t pick the least expensive plan, talk to more than one insurance provider and make a careful cost/benefit comparison.

Vinod Kamath – Travel Agent / Advisor

Travel insurance is also designed to cover trip cancellations and postponements from service providers - providing relief on prepaid expenses like hotel bookings and related charges. It also provides reimbursement benefits when it comes to lost, stolen, damaged or delayed baggage.

Travel insurance is all about risk cover for unforeseen events – something that turns your dream vacation into a financial and logistical nightmare. It can provide a comprehensive safety net to protect your health and belongings during travel, and when you’re on vacation. But know exactly what you are signing up for, compare insurance products from different companies, and read the fine print.

Here’s our post script. Always include travel insurance in your budgeting exercise. You’re buying peace of mind - allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable memories and enjoying vacation time.

In this feature you have heard from an IT consultant, an interior designer, an insurance advisor and a travel agent. All of them have underlined the importance of a travel insurance cover when you’re on vacation.

And like one of them said, don’t leave home without it.

This feature is brought to you by the members of the All India Resort Development Association (AIRDA).

Important Footnote: This editorial feature primarily underlines the need for travel insurance. Please discuss all issues related to your travel policy with your plan-issuing agent / insurance company. Plan offerings linked to features, benefits, claims, allowances and exclusions may vary across service providers.

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