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February 2024

Industry Awareness Feature

Vacation Ownership Advisor wins

As full-time Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Stoker works around an interesting vision for his customers: Your dreams and thoughts are your future reality. It’s a vision that gives them a lot to look forward to from his company – Vacation Ownership Advisor, Nevada, United States.

Jonathan Stoker and his team have redefined customer expectations in the timeshare industry, turning dreams into tangible realities for countless vacationers across the globe.

Vacation Ownership Advisor is a one-of-a-kind enterprise in the timeshare industry. The company was started with the primary goal of assisting timeshare customers, vacation club owners, and travel reward members of all companies and brands worldwide. From an end-customer perspective, Vacation Ownership Advisor helps owners better understand, use, and maximize the value of their ownership.

For this feature, we got an update from Jonathan Stoker on the Best Consumer Product award at the recent GNEX Conference, in Miami. This is a forum that “represents the highest honors in the hospitality industry, celebrating excellence and innovation.”

Congratulations, Jonathan, on being among the winners at GNEX 2024

Greetings to all our avid readers and esteemed industry colleagues on the AIRDA network! Thank you for featuring us in your February 2024 edition of World of Travel. We shine a spotlight on an innovative force within the timeshare sector – Vacation Ownership Advisor (VOA), heralded for its exceptional contributions at the recent GNEX Conference in Miami.

At the heart of VOA lies a unique mission: to empower timeshare owners, vacation club members, and travel enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage their ownership fully. VOA’s dedication to enhancing the vacation ownership experience has not only garnered widespread acclaim but also clinched the prestigious title of Best Consumer Product at GNEX, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence.

The GNEX Conference, renowned for spotlighting the brightest minds and most innovative solutions in hospitality, provided the perfect backdrop for VOA’s recognition. From riveting keynote speeches to insightful panel discussions and networking events, the conference encapsulated the spirit of progress and collaboration that defines our industry. VOA’s award-winning moment stood out as a highlight, underscoring the importance of customer engagement and satisfaction in driving the future of vacation ownership.

These awards represent the highest honors in the hospitality industry, celebrating excellence and innovation.

As we celebrate VOA’s success and its positive impact on the vacation ownership industry, we invite our readers to delve deeper into the world of travel possibilities that VOA unlocks. Join us in congratulating the entire VOA team for their remarkable achievement and for setting new standards of excellence in our vibrant industry.

For a closer look at VOA’s innovative solutions and to discover how they’re shaping the future of vacation ownership, we encourage you to explore further through the links provided. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together, where every destination is within reach, and every vacation is a step towards realizing your dreams.

Stay tuned for more updates, interviews, and features that keep you connected with the pulse of the travel and hospitality world. Together, let’s continue to explore, innovate, and celebrate the wonders of travel.

Jonathan Stoker


Image credits: All images used are courtesy of Jonathan Stoker of VOA

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